Q: Can I learn Taekwondo online without any face to face training?

A: Yes, Dojang Online offers a Taekwondo training program and syllabus that students can study from beginner through to advanced levels. Our qualified instructors will provide personalised feedback based on videos that students submit of their progress. These videos are also used to assess technique and promote students from the beginner through to advanced ranks by completing the syllabus to a satisfactory level as assessed by our instructors. 

Currently students cannot complete Dan gradings online (Black belt and above), however online training is still available to ensure students continue to train physically and mentally at this standard. 


Q: How many times do I need to practice each week?

A: The level of commitment to your training will impact your progress. We recommend training 2 times a week as a minimum, however with the online program, you can progress at your own pace. 


Q: Do I need to watch the instructional videos before submitting any modules online?

A: It is highly recommended that all students practice and train along to the instructional videos. These videos breakdown every technique and combination just like we do in the face to face classes and are an invaluable tool and resource for all students. We recommend practicing along with these videos at least 2-3 times before recording and submitting your modules. 


Q: If I pass all the modules do I automatically grade up a belt level?

A: Yes. When you send in your videos, they are assessed by one of our instructors. If you have demonstrated good technique for the required module you will receive a pass. If you pass all the modules you will have demonstrated proficiency required for your belt level and you will earn your new belt or stripe. 


Q: I already did some of the techniques at my current belt level at my previous belt level. Do I have to do them again?

A: Yes. We measure your new submission against your previous level and look for improvement in order to pass. 


Q: How will I receive my new belt, certificate or stripe?

A: If a new belt is required we will organise a local pickup from our Dojang or delivery to your address.

Certificates will be emailed.


Q: How long is a module cycle? What is the time between earning one belt and the next?

A: The current online cycle (Starting April 5, 2020) is for 8 weeks with a structured program outlining each week’s program. Belts can be earned after completion of the current 8 week program if students have demonstrated proficient technique. The length of the following cycle is currently being assessed as is likely to be 16 weeks which is in line with the regular grading cycles at Lane Cove Taekwondo.


Q: What if I don’t want to grade in the current grading cycle?

A: That is completely fine and there is no pressure for you / your child to grade within this first cycle. To keep up with your skill and fitness level, we still recommend training 2-3 times a week with the instructional videos and zoom classes. You will not need to record and submit your modules of you don’t wish to grade. 


Q: Do I need to start at White Belt (beginner level) if I have practiced Taekwondo in the past and was successful in grading to a higher rank?

A: The rank you start with at Dojang Online will depend on your experience and how long ago you trained. Please contact us directly and we can assess your current level. 


Q: I am a parent who doesn’t train with Lane Cove Taekwondo and am struggling to help my child. Where can I go to for help?


A: Our instructors are more than happy to help. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact lanecovetkd@hotmail.com or dojangonlinefeedback@outlook.com. Please note that these emails are monitored regularly but not every day, however will respond to all queries as soon as we can. 


Q: Can I grade to Black Belt (1st Dan and above) after completing my prior training through Dojang Online?

A: Students wishing to grade to Black Belt (1st Dan and above) must attend grading in person at our Lane Cove dojang in Sydney. A date for the next Black Belt grading will be set once the COVID-19 restrictions are lifted. There are additional elements that may require further training in person to achieve the rank of Black Belt and above. These elements will be outlined to candidates at these levels. This also applies to level tests. 


Q: Are there any other locations that I can grade to Black Belt other than Lane Cove, Sydney?

A: No, Black Belt gradings can only be done in our Lane Cove dojang at this stage.


Q: I currently train at Lane Cove Taekwondo and am not due for grading in the current grading cycle. Can I fast track my progress through Dojang Online and grade earlier? 

A: No, you will not be eligible to grade in an earlier cycle via Dojang Online. You should continue your training through Dojang Online and wait until the next cycle of modules before becoming eligible to grade for your next rank online. This is particularly relevant for the ranks of Red Belt and above.


Q: If I earned my tip before Lane Cove Taekwondo temporarily closed, do I need to do the modules online?

A: Yes. As we move forward with online learning in this current time, students who previously obtained their tip for the April grading will be required to complete the modules online.